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Package Includes:

    Operation Overlord: The Great Crusade
    June 8th - 10th, 2018 \\ GZA, CT.
  • Continous action spanning 3-Days (Friday to Sunday)
  • Driven storyline, missions and objectives for both sides of the conflict
  • Issued Swag Pack - Some items will need to be used during the event
  • World War II themed raffle items

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Event Background

This package includes two conflicts in the European Theater of Operations, the Normandy Campaign and the Rhineland Campaign. For this weekend we have combined the price of both events to bring it to a total price of $80, which is $25 in savings. It is early days for participants to prepare for these events but those dates come quick. And trust us, we have been planning for these already.

For more information on the two events click here: Operation Varsity: The Rhine Breakout and Operation Overlord: The Great Crusade.

What to Expect

Uniform restrictions are strongly enforced. There will a 10ft muster where participants will be inspected and "de-farbed" if they don't pass. Trust us, we want you to come and enjoy the event we've worked hard to build. That is why we are willing to work with you. But at the same time, there are people that want to get into the immersive aspect of the event and seeing a "dude" in a molle plate carrier would really kill it for them and others.