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Event Includes:

Our staff is dedicated to bring you the most immersive experience set in 1960s Vietnam.

  • Continous action spanning 3-Days (Friday to Sunday)
  • Driven storyline, missions and objectives for both sides of the conflict
  • Era correct accommodations for US personnel
  • Nam style BBQ at the end of the operation
  • Issued Swag Pack - Some items will need to be used during the event
  • Vietnam War themed raffle items

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Event Background

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February 22nd, 1967, units from the 173rd Airborne Brigade landed on their designated LZs and DZs. Primary objectives have be completed with little to no resistance. It seems the NVA and VC forces in the area, caught wind of the operation and have fled from their HQs to safe havens in Cambodia and Laos. That's not to say they haven't left materiel and manpower behind for the Americans to find.

The primary task for the American troops is to secure the region around the town of Katum, and become part of the "anvil" that North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces will be pushed into by the "hammer" elements forcing their way from the south. Expect to sweep villages, establish defensive positions and to patrol your sector of the Iron Triangle. The area is about to be declared as a fire free zone but with civilians still in their ancestral villages, special care must be taken to evacuate them. Can the locals even be trusted? Are they actually working with the Viet Cong? Voluntarily or by force? That is just the tip of the iceberg for US Troops operating in the AO.

With the mobile COSVN HQ moved to Cambodia already, a soldier fighting for NVA and VC will still have materiel to recover, hide and protect. The 273rd VC regiment has been tasked with harassing the American forces operating east of Katum. A small village called Làng Hổ has been trying to stay neutral throughout the civil war but that is won't be surprising that there are Viet Cong agents operating out of it. It will be the NVA Cadre's task to bribe, threaten or trick the locals into supporting the cause.

What to Expect

The sights, the sounds and even the smells of the time come back to life for you the participant to experience. Once you leave your car and register in the Vietnam era admin tent, it is 1967 Vietnam for the weekend. PAVN forces should expect to stay out in the field the entire time. An accomadation area will be set aside in the case of inclimate weather. GIs will have era correct military tents to sleep in and should be prepared to patrol out in the field for the entire weekend.

Uniform restrictions are strongly enforced. There will a 10ft muster where participants will be inspected and "de-farbed" if they don't pass. Trust us, we want you to come and enjoy the event we've worked hard to build. That is why we are willing to work with you. But at the same time, there are people that want to get into the immersive aspect of the event and seeing a "dude" in a molle plate carrier would really kill it for them and others.

The event does not stop the entire weekend. There may be a ceasefire from 0200hrs-0500hrs for safety reasons. There will be a tight command structure for each side, where lone wolves will be frowned upon.