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Event Includes:

March 24th \\ Cookies Chaos, NJ.

  • Continuous MILSIM Action
  • Driven storyline, missions and objectives for both sides of the conflict

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Operation Overlord
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Event Background

Operation Varsity (24 March 1945) was a successful airborne forces operation launched by Allied troops that took place toward the end of World War II. Varsity was meant to help the surface river assault troops secure a foothold across the Rhine River in Western Germany by landing two airborne divisions on the eastern bank of the Rhine near the village of Hamminkeln and the town of Wesel.

What to Expect

Uniform restrictions are strongly enforced. There will a 10ft muster where participants will be inspected and "de-farbed" if they don't pass. Trust us, we want you to come and enjoy the event we've worked hard to build. That is why we are willing to work with you. But at the same time, there are people that want to get into the immersive aspect of the event and seeing a "dude" in a molle plate carrier would really kill it for them and others.

The event does not stop the entire duration. There will be a tight command structure for each side, where lone wolves will be frowned upon.